About us

Reed in Partnership

CFO Activity Hubs are commissioned by the Ministry of Justice and part-funded by the European Social Fund. They are delivered to users in London by Reed in Partnership.

Our mission is to positively transform people and their communities. We support individuals, their families and the places they live to prosper.

With our help, hundreds of thousands of people have changed their lives for the better.

You can find out more about us at reedinpartnership.co.uk

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Our partners

Reed in Partnership is providing CFO Activity Hubs in conjunction with two lead partners – SIG Penrose, a charity that provides help and support for offenders and people with mental health conditions, and RFEA, a charity dedicated to supporting military veterans.

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Activity Providers working within our CFO Activity Hubs include Safeground, Your Story, Air Network, Genius Within, User Voice and PACT.

A man and women in discussion at the CFO Activity Hub